RecombiPure Tag (RPtag) System

RPtag is an epitope tag designed to combine best-in-class solubility, expression level, stability, and reagent compatibility with among the best affinity and specificity characteristics of any available technology.

Based on a ribose-binding protein from the thermophilic bacterium Caldanaerobacter subterraneus, RPtag is a hyperstable 27 kDa, monomeric expression and solubility enhancing protein engineered to bind the RPtag Tight peptide (KIANFIPAELKLITKANVQ) with incredible affinity (Kd = 47 pM). This engineered sequence does not share significant homology with proteins found in common model organisms, and is not expected to bind or otherwise interact with endogenous proteins.

The Company

RecombiPure, Inc. was co-founded by Adam Blanden and Aaron Wolfe in 2017 as an Ichor Therapeutics portfolio company to develop research tools for protein chemistry.